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Privacy Policy

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GOLDIAM is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of users' information on the site.
The information is stored in a secure environment and used solely for the marketing needs of GOLDIAM. The information is not given to any other party except in the following cases:

A. If necessary to complete a purchase procedure.
B. In the event of a legal dispute requiring disclosure of the details.
C. If required by law.

To purchase a product on the site, you must choose a personal username and password that will accompany you on all purchases and / or use of the site. You are then asked to provide additional information for the purpose of executing the transaction, such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card number.
Please note: The user name and password are for your use only and you are required to keep it confidential. If you choose to transfer them after or allow others to use them in any way, GOLDIAM may assume that anyone who has taken action using your personal username and password has done so with your permission. In no event shall GOLDIAM be liable for any infringement of your privacy which arising out of the unauthorized use og the user name and your personal login.
The User acknowledges and agrees that all information provided to GOLDIAM at the time of registration and / or arising from its activity on the Site, including information collected about the customer during the surfing, will be stored in the GOLDIAM databases.

All intellectual property rights and copyrights relating to the Site including the jewelry models and their design are of GoldIAM. It is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute, modify, place links and / or disclose to third parties the information contained in the Website in any form without the prior written consent of GOLDIAM.

GOLDIAM wishes to email you marketing information only if you have given your explicit consent. You can cancel your consent whenever you wish.

GOLDIAM may send you "COOKIE" files, mainly to collect statistics and to customize the site to your personal preferences. You may refuse to accept or accept only certain "cookies" from your computer.

The photographs and photographs appearing on the site are for illustration purposes only. There may be differences, mainly due to technical limitations, between the actual appearance of the item and its appearance on the site.

GOLDIAM reserves the right to change and / or update the information on the website at any time and can not guarantee that you will not make any errors in the details appearing on the site. In addition, GOLDIAM can not guarantee that any item appearing on the site will actually be in stock, and it may take 5-7 business days to create the requested product.

Use of the Site is personal and not for any commercial purposes of the User.

GOLDIAM has sole discretion to determine whether an order made on the Site is for personal or commercial purposes.
In light of all of the above, GOLDIAM reserves the right to cancel an order that is caused by any error on the Site and / or in no inventory and / or that appears to GOLDIAM as an invitation for commercial purposes.

In addition, GOLDIAM reserves the right to prevent and / or restrict the use of the Site from any user, at its sole discretion and without notice.

All prices include handling and shipping fees, insurance, gemological certificates * and placement costs.
 * Excluding special offers on the site, where the price does not include shipping fees (some of the offers do not include a gemological certificate).
 * Except for products in which the type of gemological certificate is not mentioned, in which a gold appreciation certificate can be obtained by GoldIAM.