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about pic 1GOLDIAM is a subsidiary of "Eli Zikri Diamonds Ltd" which for over 50 years has been one of the most important Israeli diamond cutting and polishing companies. The company's polished products are marketed from the Israel Diamond Exchange and sold in the United States, Europe and the Far East.
Because the design and quality of jewelry are critical to consumers, we insist on the highest levels of quality. Our goal is to provide jewelry that will meet all our customers' demands. Our extensive experience in the jewelry business enables us to create a wide variety of items - with a full range of jewelry from earrings to rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants.
It is vital for use to ensure full control of the production process so that we can follow the manufacturing process to our full satisfaction.
Our clients are the most important part of our work, so satisfying your requirements is the thing that is closest to our hearts at GOLDIAM.

Buying from GOLDIAM gives you a huge advantage

about pic 2Buying directly from GOLDIAM gives our clients a huge advantage. That's because it enables our stones to reach the consumer directly from the manufacturer, thus saving the customer the costs of several middlemen who are normally involved. And that, in turn, significantly reduces the costs of the jewel to our customers and enables them to secure an even bigger profit when they sell the items.
GOLDIAM ensures lower prices and convenient jewelry purchasing with easy access to the selection and purchase of jewelry.
Because GOLDIAM and our diamond factory are a family-owned business, we have a deep appreciation of the importance of reliability, integrity and service. We have built our reputation on high-level customer service. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products on time and precisely according to their requests. This has alsways been the way we have worked.
Our site is 100 percent secure, which means that financial transactions are completely safe and protected.
We are more than happy to speak to customers at any time and you are invited to contact us whenever convenient for you to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation  at our offices in the Israel Diamond Exchange, by email or telephone.