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Gemological certificate

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All our jewelry certificated by International Gemological Laboratory. IGL Laboratories are respected diamond grading laboratory.

The IGL Jewelry certificate is used to document jewelry pieces and identify the characteristics of the precious stones featured in each piece.

Each IGL Jewelry certificate features a description of the jewelry piece followed by a statement of the characteristics and grading of the precious stones found in the piece.

A statement listing the quantity of gemstones featured in the piece as well as a grading report of the gemstone’s weight, shape, color, clarity, cut, proportions and measurements are featured in the IGL Jewelry Certificate.

In addition, the identification, weight and content of any precious metals found in the piece are described on the certificate. As a further way to identify the jewelry piece, the IGL Jewelry certificate features an enlarged color photograph of the item. Upon request, the International Gemological Laboratory can easily convert an IGL Jewelry Certificate into an appraisal certificate.